Friday, May 22, 2015

Happy Friday! We've had one of those weeks where I woke up Wednesday thinking it was Saturday and Bellamy has been acting like she has a small community of teeth growing in her mouth. As for Baylor, he's happy as long as he's wrestling or snuggling (complex character like his father). 

In any case, I'm bringing you another round of HOUSE to HOME. The goal of these is for you to find new ideas and resources to bring a little personality and love to your house. 

1. Geo Pillow: CB2 (crate & barrel's little sister) has some amazing pillow choices and some of my long-time favorites are from there. There quality & price is really great and they tend to err more on the 'modern' side of design. I really enjoy pairing modern pieces with rustic pieces as I think it brings a great dynamic to any room. 

2. Metal Cake Stand with Glass Dome: obsessed. The little pearls at the bottom?! I couldn't love it more if I tried. Looks like this is only online at Target, but definitely worth it. Not sure if you guys are aware, but Target has quite a bit more variety online - they have tons of great house stuff that's worth checking out! Plus, online shopping is like Christmas!! 

3. Celestial Coasters: We have lots of these guys laying around the house and they're even more beautiful in person. There's a variety of colors, great to mix and match. And at such a small price, they make such a big statement on your coffee table! 

4. Turkish Towel: I love these towels, but can't commit to using them as bath towels, as I love the big cushy bath sheet. But, these towels look great hanging on your towel racks in the bathroom or even over a chair in the guest room. The fabric is beautiful and the patterns they come in are a-plenty! 

5. Succulents: ADD PLANTS to your rooms! I'm telling you - in every room they look beautiful. They're inexpensive ways of adding texture & color and they breath life into a room. Succulents are great, because they're super low maintenance, they're cheap, and easy to find. Costco is known to carry some amazing succulent gardens, or you can buy individual ones for anywhere around $2-$5 at Home Depot. 

6. Rifle Paper Co. Wrapping Paper: Wrapping paper is an incredibly inexpensive alternative to buying "art". I absolutely love the designs Anna Bond puts out for Rifle and all you have to do is frame this bad boy and it's ready to hang. It really doesn't get easier or more pretty!  

Hope you have a happy weekend! We'll be laying low - Collin's been traveling non-stop so a few days at home together is just what the Dr. ordered! 

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