Happy Birthday to our Baylor Boone!

Monday, June 22, 2015

Cliche or not, I can't believe my sweet baby boy is THREE years old. I remember so vividly the day he came into the world. Sweeter than expected, more love than I could conceive of, and raw emotion in every sense of the word. Our lives, forever changed and my heart forever growing. 

Happy Birthday, Baylor Boone! Your sweet & loving nature is unparalleled! You love to snuggle, play with your friends, eat, watch cooking shows with mom, and love on your sister. I'm constantly in awe of how big you're growing... you were once tiny enough to cradle in one arm (albeit almost 9 lbs at birth!).  While there are days where I want to lasso the sun so another day won't pass, I'm so proud of how far you've come and wake up every day excited to see what you will do next. You changed my life forever, and made my dreams of becoming a Mama nothing short of true. All my love.

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