Christmas 2015

Monday, December 28, 2015

Our Christmas was every bit as merry as I'd hoped for - we had tons of sweet family time, the kids were royally spoiled, we soaked in all the sweet moments as a family of 5 (my favorites being leaving cookies & a letter for santa, and that first glance down the stairs on Christmas morning) and the universe even aligned enough to give us a snow fall on Christmas day!
It was nothing short of perfect. 

Can you guess who has the most personality in our house? So help me LAWD. 

We spent Christmas eve at my brothers with all of my siblings (6 kids & 12 grandkids!!) - the kids were exhausted when we got home (bella's rosy cheeks!) but we had to take a matching jammy pic before bed time! 

The real work begins when the tinys are in bed... homemade cinnamon rolls that were honestly the best ever. 

Santa's been here! 

We made the kids sit at the top of the stairs for a few pics and let the anticipation build (and mom & dad, and nana and auntie mimi to get cameras ready!) 

Let me walk you through this pic ... Baylor has gum in his mouth at 7:30 am, Winnie looks incredibly awkward (both kids have to hold Winnie in pics, so this is really the only pose that works without Bellamy turning into a vampire), and Bellamy has a scabbed nose because she decided to hop on the "cooter" (scooter) at the top of our driveway and ride down the hill. No helmet, no scooter skillz, and no clue that she'd land on her face. Epic fail. 

Auntie Mimi is a dancer, so she treated Bellamy to her first authentic ballerina outfit (leather ballet flats & all!) and Bellamy was obsessed. She calls her her "bitawina" outfit! Also, how cute is my mama back there!?

happy boy! :) 

Auntie Mimi & Uncle Momo came early Christmas morning to watch the kids open gifts - Winnie got lots of good snuggles this week! 

I honestly love the mess of Christmas in the living room. Normally, I'm kind of OCD about my house being clean, but we let this mess fester for a good 3 days before everything was put away. It's just too good. 

We snuggled up at Collin's parents house the day after Christmas & watched football in our jammies all day! (GO COUGS!). 

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