House to Home No. 5

Monday, January 18, 2016

Happy Monday, Friends! We're at a place where all the days tend to blur together. Collin left yesterday for a work trip which makes today feel even less like a Monday... we call it "flurrsday". 

I swear, I get this way every January, but as soon as the Christmas decor comes down, I feel like I need to re-decorate my whole house. It's barren, cold and dim without all those abundant garlands and twinkly lights. (tear!) SO, I figured what better way to get inspired than to bring back some more  "house to home" posts! 

1. HannaSoft Hilltops Duvet: I have this in my Hanna shopping cart, but can't decide who's bed it gets to live on... it's young enough for a littles room, but stylish enough to layer on the master bed... can't go wrong either way!! These are 20% off right now, also! 

2. Moss Knit Throw: H&M has been a longtime favorite source for home stuff and this is no exception. This color is the perfect way to bring some color in to the January gloom. (If you tend to like ketchup more than mustard, there are other color options for you!)

3. Cutting Board & Serveware: Could this be more beautiful? I found this shop on Etsy and am obsessed with everything they make. How gorgeous would these servers be in a jar on the counter mixed with metal serve ware? Sweetest touch of color! 

4. Wooden Sign: Another Etsy gem, this shop has some of the most gorgeous wooden signs I've seen to date. I definitely will be adding a few of these to our collection! 

5. Voluspa Mokara Candle: Gone is the scent of pine and in with the fresh scent of spring (because I'm so over the scent of pine come Dec. 26.) This candle is the freshest smell and the white jar is gorgeous. (ps...did you know that if you freeze a candle jar after the wick is burned down, you can use a fork or knife to crack the leftover wax, pop it out and re-use the jar!? Candle jars are perfect to store things like jewelry, thumbtacks/nails for hanging pics, lipgloss or even vitamins/medicine.)

6. Felt Ball Banner: This color combo is my current crush. It's just right

Any good finds you want to share?! Leave a comment below! 

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