Christmas Festivities!

Thursday, December 10, 2015

Christmas is in full swing and I feel like we're trying to absorb as much festive-ness as possible before it's all said & done! 3 kids has been anything but slow & quiet, and while decorating a gingerbread house and holding a chubby infant is anything but easy, we're making it work. priorities, my friends. So what kind of festive business have we been up to? 
Well, we've paid a visit to the big guy in the fancy red suit, and sis was less than impressed. She was plotting her exit before we even opened the curtains. She gave him a run for his money, but in the end, his velvety white gloves put her in a stronghold and we got a perfectly traumatizing photograph - one for the memory books. 
We took all the kids to get christmas blizzards and look at the Christmas lights in one of the big neighborhoods where we live. It looked a little something like me, nursing Winnie in the front seat, Baylor sitting on the center console of the mini-van and accidentally dumping his blizzard all over (rubber mats are worth every penny), and Bellamy (the terminator) climbing on the steering wheel while Collin's attempting to drive carefully & slowly through the neighborhood. BUT, we saw penguins, and frosty, and hologram Santas and trains. So it was totally a win. 

We tried our hand at gingerbread houses - Baylor kept saying "this is SO much fun!" - so naturally, I was beaming with Christmas cheer and intentionally looking the other way while Bellamy stuffed a million christmas candies in her mouth. #emotionaleater
We visited the Reindeer at the local nursery and did a little Santa Scavenger Hunt (for locals - Watson's in Puyallup is SUCH a fun place to take the kids!!)
And of course, we visited SNOWFLAKE LANE, a totally amazing and incredibly festive show on the city streets where the kids are visited by Frosty, Rudolph, Candy Cane Dancers and Ice princesses and are then treated to a musical performance and fake snow over the crowd. It's enough to get even the scroogiest of people in the holiday spirit! SO fun. 
Overall, we've had a pretty festive month and the kids are loving all the holiday cheer. We've got christmas sheets on the beds, twinkly lights draped around the house and "sounds of the season" on throughout the day. I'd say we're ready for SANTA! :)

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