Christmas in the Hen House // 2015

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

There's really nothing like the glow of a Christmas tree in the house. I try to spread the cheer throughout the house, and ultimately, my goal is that everyone has a tree in their room, because, festive! It'll take us awhile to get there, but until we do, I try to sprinkle a little bit where I can. 
Here's Christmas in our nest!

Our tree was too short for the room (which I decided after it was decorated & "fluffed") so we (as in I, when Collin was at work) propped it up on suitcases to give it a little lift. It feels a bit "grinch-esque" to me and I've grown to love it. 

Each of the kids has one of these ornaments (from this shop) and I love them. So sweet and simple. 

Target killed their Christmas decor this year, which I clearly took advantage of. Also, these little nutcracker cards from RIFLE Paper are the best. 

Our coffee basket that rotates with the seasons. Some dishes are just too pretty for the cupboards. 

We've done our fair share of gingerbread house/man making this year. On display for all to see. And for me to bat sticky fingers off the counter all damn day. #nomorecandy 

We have a loft upstairs that houses Collin's desk (aka the kids coloring station) so we added a little tree up there with all his sports themed ornaments and a few dump trucks in honor of Baylor Boone. The kids helped decorate this tree (& continue to 'redecorate'), which explains the bottom-half bias. 

These lights will likely stay up all year around, because there's nothing better than a twinkly light glow under the tee-pee. 

Bellamy has graduated to a big girl bed (by skydiving out of her crib), so naturally, we had to add some festive bedding. This blanket from Pottery Barn kids is my newest obsession. One side is SO soft, and the other is the perfect cozy texture. One for each room, please Santa!

Baylor got to use the coveted Rudolph bedding this year - it's taken all my self restraint (am I really an adult?) to not put it on my own bed. #romance 

These twinkle lights on our bed are pretty much the best invention ever. Waking up in the middle of the night to feed a newborn is not nearly as bad when you have the soft glow of lights. I love them. My husband, however, isn't a fan. He sleeps with a blanket over his face. Can't win em' all, friends. 

now... you don't have to go home, but you can't stay here ;) #ripcribs

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Crystal Menon said...

Hello, wondering where can I buy " My heart for you ..." sign? I love to get one for our house
Thank you

Elise said...

Ok, I am putting a garland and lights up in the master bedroom tonight!!!

bnicolesal said...

Your home is gorgeous! Great job :)
Where is Baylors bed from!? Need that for my son!!

Kendra Henderson said...

Sign is from House of Belonging and the bed is from World Market! :)

Lauren Gilmore said...

Hey! I love your blog and your etsy shop - Can you tell me where/how you did the name decals on the doors of the kid's rooms?

Kendra Henderson said...

Thank you!! They're actually just vinyl that I cut out using my Cricut :) lots of Etsy shops have them too!

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