Life with Three

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

We're two months in to this "3 Kids" business and I've learned a few things in that time... let me preface this by saying that Winnie is actually a really good baby - she has a witching hour from about 5-7 every night where she's only happy in my arms, but otherwise, she's happy to just snooze the day away in her swing, crib or carseat. She's got pretty bad acid reflux so the first few weeks were kind of insane, but now that we've got her on some medicine, she's a happy little peach.

Here are my top 10 take-aways I've learned since having a third... 

1. I'm the most needed person in all of America (ok, fine, maybe just my household). I honestly have thought about how I could clone myself at least once a day. I'll never get everything done that I'd like in a day, but I've learned to accept that and not let it overwhelm me. 

2. My house will never be spotless unless it's Friday at noon and the housecleaner just walked out the door. Kids are like mini drones that just drop shit everywhere. 

3. Someone will always spill milk or juice on the floor by 12:30 on Friday afternoon (at least it was clean for 30 minutes!) 

4. HANGRY is a way of life. No time to eat. And if you do find the time, someone will always wake up before you finish your first bite. #vultures

5. Driving in the car is easily the most relaxing part of my day. Everyone is secured to their own seat, the baby is sleeping and nobody can reach me. 

6. Sibling love is pretty much the most adorable thing in the world. I never imagined the love my kids would have for each other. 

7. All three in the bath is sort of like putting your infant in a tsunami. Although, she did shit in the bath last night while they were in there, which, I'd like to think, is her form of payback for all the times she's taken a race car or a barbie to the head. #karma

8. Wearing a baby is the only way to get anything done after 4:00 PM. BUT, I'll take those snuggles all day, every day. Nothing better than a sleeping baby on your chest. 

9. Collin and I stay up way later than we used to, as it's the only time we have together without kids. Which means 7:00 am rolls around way too fast pretty much every day. Cue Starbucks drive-thru (see No. 5)

10. Nursing on the go is a total art form - I nursed Winnie in the chick-fil-a drive through last week. Major mom points. #nuggetsandnursing

Happy Hump Day! xxoo

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