Weekend Update

Monday, March 21, 2016

Happy Monday! The first day of spring yesterday, but Seattle didn't get the memo (true to form) and we're hunkered in with the rain. Our kitchen is almost done (I can't WAIT to share it with you!!), but meanwhile, we're living in a disaster zone. This takes a toll on my OCDish ways, but stepping out of your comfort zone is never a bad thing (so they say... I personally am coping by eating twix eggs and vacuuming incessantly.) 

We spent our weekend getting ready for Easter, organizing things around the house (new chairs in the kitchen!) and even dating! Collin and I went on TWO dates this weekend (BELEEE DAT!) and it was glorious. 

Winnie turned 4 months on Friday and Bellamy had to get her face in the photo. She's her favorite person these days :) (monthly onesies in my shop!) 

We headed to Land of Nod on Saturday morning for a little Easter craft & pop-up shop with my girl, Rae! Check her blog out - you will be SO inspired! 

Kitchen progress!!!! Still waiting on backsplash, hardware, & open shelving.

Sunday morning, we celebrated a birthday with some friends at Salty's on the water in Seattle. If you live in the area, or even come visit, this is a MUST do. We stopped at the market afterwards for a fresh bouquet and some cold brew. My happy place. 

We ended the weekend on this sweet note - and I really felt like every day is the best day ever with this crew. I'm truly blessed. 

Happy Monday! Go treat yo self! 

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