Magic Jellybeans + A Lollipop Forest

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

You guys! Easter is two weeks away. We try to focus most of our Easter traditions on the resurrection of Jesus and the celebration that He is risen, but I sometimes can't resist the light-hearted, festive traditions that make holidays extra fun with kids. The easter bunny is a little creepy for me and I refuse to make my kids sit on his lap (thanks for those traumatic memories, mom!), but I love a good easter basket and especially love the magic jelly beans. For those of you that haven't heard of this, the kids get to plant special "magic jellybeans" in the garden just before Easter. They can plant directly into the dirt or a planter, whatever you have! When they wake up on easter morning, the jellybeans will have grown (hint: that's your job - just place any kind of tall lollipop where the jelly beans were "planted") into a lollipop forest! I would have shit my pants as a kid if my mom did this (in an excited, mind-blown fashion. In fact, Winnie will probably do the same thing - that's her latest trick these days). 

There's really nothing like watching your kids experience "magic" and I honestly can't wait to see how the kids react this year. Baylor loves festive traditions, and Bellamy likes whatever Baylor does, so this will definitely be a crowd pleaser ;)

I've made this packaging available to download (click here) - you just need to print, cut, fold in half, and staple to a clear cello bag full of jelly beans! (you can buy cellophane bags on amazon or at target! The file is 5" wide, so aim for a 4.5" cello bag)

Happy Planting! 

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Rae said...

we will be doing this for sure! xoxo

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