Toddler Lunches

Monday, April 11, 2016

It's become very clear in the past few years that most of my time from here on out will be spent in the kitchen. Maybe my kids are abnormally hungry, but all they want to do is eat. All the damn time. Baylor would make a little bed in the pantry if he had his way (thankfully, ours has a lock), and Bellamy would have a constant stream of snacks at all times. And as for Winnie, well she's pretty much connected at the hip nip. Let's be honest, if someone was preparing me food all day, I'd eat it too. Instead, I eat quesadilla crusts, donuts, and crackers. Also, coffee. Because of this constant cooking business, I try to get creative, as to avoid being bored to death in the kitchen. My friends at RePlay have made eating extra pretty, and my kids love having their food in sections (see our #henandcofunlunch on my instagram). Their dishes are my favorite because they're amazing colors, super durable and made of recycled materials. Call me cray but I have a hard time enjoying dinner when mickey and minnie are staring at me through a pile of spaghetti. BTFU, mouse. 

A few of our favorite eats: 
apple & chicken sausages // cucumbers with buttermilk ranch // summer berries

tunafish sandwhich on daves killer white bread // carrots and buttermilk ranch // trader joes cheese crackers 
bagel with cream cheese & honey roasted turkey // clementines // cranberry pistachio crackers with fig jam (this is a HUGE hit in our house) 

RePlay is offering an awesome set of dishes to one lucky winner - head over to my Instagram to enter!

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