Tuesday, June 28, 2016

You guys ... I have a new favorite. 

No, not favorite kid. Although there are days where I like one more than the others ;) 
Usually it's Winnie because she can't talk. 

Here's the deal: I do my best to give my kids whatever's natural, organic, responsible, ect.. but sometimes it's just not that simple. There might be organic sunscreen, but it doesn't work, or natural fruit snacks - that taste like tar. So... we find a healthy balance where we can, and indulge in white cheddar cheez-its and the classic Johnson's baby wash when we can't. This article sums it up perfectly. 

All this to say, Parasol is one of those companies that make this whole parenting thing very easy. I've always been a loyal Pampers diapers & Costco wipes kind-of-gal (this is starting to sound like a profile) and could never fully buy in to the organic diapers (you know, that one brand...), because I just didn't love the product. They made going natural very inconvenient. Crunchy diapers, wipes are dry and they just didn't do their job. Also, the soap that smells like creamscicles... it just bugs me. When I found Parasol, I was instantly in love. The patterns on their diapers & their packaging was SPOT ON. They so kindly offered to send us a box of diapers & wipes and I have to say, I'm a customer for life (because it feels like I'll have a kid in diapers for the rest of my life). I kid you not, these are the BEST diapers I've ever used. They're practically like soft baby underwear. Thin, ultra-soft, and extremely effective. Not to mention, they're hypoallergenic, chlorine-free, fragrance-free, lotion-free & latex-free. #winning And the wipes smell like that cucumber water at the spa (that I never go to because of aformentioned "kids in diapers"). So basically you're at the spa instead of changing a poopy diaper. I mean....

Our friends at Parasol have kindly offered all of my readers $20 off their first subscription purchase using the code: HENCO 
Now go get your baby's bummy some super cute undies! 

This post is in partnership with Parasol but all opinions & content (and baby bums!) are my own!

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