Baylor's Construction Party

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Baylor was insistent on choosing the theme for his birthday party this year (We've done a red/white/blue theme for the past three years! :), and it started as a truck party, then turned to a garbage truck party and ended up finally being a construction party. The evolution of a 4 year olds brain - very complicated. 

I turned to pinterest, like most basic white girls and gained some inspiration, saw some "hell-no-nevers" and overall had enough ideas to run with. 

I made Baylor a little sign for his birthday (printed on a 20x30 at Costco!) with his favorite things & memories from the year. I had this easel from HomeGoods and just taped the print in there. 

One of the biggest hits of the party was this work station I made. I used a piece of insulation foam from Home Depot and taped it to a piece of plywood. I bought some toy tools and golf tees and the kids had an absolute BLAST. Such an easy activity but really keeps there attention. We also set up our bouncy house, which was perfect for all the 4 year olds & their boundless energy. 

We served food out of take-out boxes to match our theme. On the menu: buffalo & bbq drumsticks, salads, homemade mac & cheese , chips & grapes! All recipes are up on my pinterest board!

We used small paper bags for chips. 
I used zigzag scissors to cut them down and printed them at home. 

Everyone took a rock candy treat with them for the road. Because after a birthday party, we all need more sugar. ;)

Hats & Aprons to complete the look! 

It was a perfect day celebrating our sweet boy! Speaking of tools...has anyone been watching Bachelorette? Homeboys are CRAY CRAY. 

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bnicolesal said...

You are incredibly talented! :) LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!!

Kendra Henderson said...


Emily Inman said...

Where the hay did you get these overalls! Love you guys by the way(:

Samantha Adams said...

Your kids are always dressed so cute! They are #kidsgoals have you ever shopped at I bought my daughter Emme the cutest shoes from there. I style her similar to your little Winnie Wilde.

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