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Monday, November 28, 2016

The holidays are officially here and we are in the swing of all the things... So i thought i'd catch you up! 

Winnie turned one, and while I plan on sharing all about her party this week, here's a sneak peek ;) 
She loved the cake, but the balloons are what really won her heart. 

We headed out of town a few days after her party to visit family for Thanksgiving. Collin's aunt & uncle live in the coziest bunglow on the most pictureste street lined with massive trees. It's one of our favorite places to visit. 

We had a perfect thanksgiving - lots of amazing food, good laughs and many stories to take along with us. The kids were loved on so hard, and Collin and my cup "runneth over" :)

this was as good as it gets... notice our slippers ;)

The next day, we loaded up the kids and headed to Pullman for the Apple Cup. I managed to snag one & only one photo - an Apple cup of sorts ;) The kids were oblivious to the heart breaking outcome of the game, but regardless, we had the most amazing time. Pullman is one of those places you bring your kids and everything you do feels like it's cemented in your heart as a special memory. I've cried in that stadium more than one time holding our kids and watching the world pass by, the big & the small.  There's just something special. 

We headed back home on Saturday and are still in total holiday mode. Monday is a rough adjustment, but it just means one day closer to Christmas ;) 

Our elf showed up yesterday, and the kids were in total shock & awe. They couldn't believe that she made such a mess (#OCD) and after tasked with naming here, decided unanimously on "Chicken Pig Burgon" ... while it has zero swag to it, it's totally rubbing off on me. Chicken Pig started out in the middle of the kitchen counter (rookie mistake) but decided she needed to move to higher ground during nap time because STICKY FINGERS. So, now, I'm pinteresting Elf on the Shelf ideas and trying to figure out how the hell I'm going to maintain this level of mystery for 28 more days... Jesus help.

Hope your transition into the week is going smoothly -- here's a tip: order take-out, open a cold beer, cozy up under your favorite blanket, and turn on The Holiday. You undoubtedly deserve it. 

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