Timeless Valentine's Gifts

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

I've confessed my love for Pinhole Press before, but wanted to share the adorable treats I got for the kids for Valentine's Day this year. Let's face it - nobody needs more treats, the toy situation is out of hand over here, and 90% of my injuries are (no) thanks to Legos. SO... I had to get creative. Pinhole Press has the most amazing quality photo books that we order for the kids each year (as well as grandparent gifts) and turns out, they don't disappoint for all the other holidays as well! They sent the kids some personalized photo books and other fun paper goods and I'm SO happy with how they turned out. They're not only beautiful in quality, which selfishly is so important to me, but they will keep for years (Pez probably would too, but, gross...) Winnie got a sneak peek at her book, but we're doing valentines day treats tonight, I'm so excited for them to see!

Lucky for you ... our sweet friends at Pinhole Press are offering you guys 15% off your entire order through Sunday! Use code XOXO at checkout! 

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