Powder Room Reveal

Monday, March 6, 2017

We recently (i.e. months & months of procrastination) finished our powder room downstairs and I wanted to share with you guys! When we moved into this house, the walls in this room were painted metallic gold and had a pretty ugly tile situation on the walls. We hired a painter to fix it, which also went awry, so I knew I had to come up with a solution that would cover up the hot mess that existed. This bathroom is downstairs, off the main living space, so it's where all of our guests would use the restroom. It gets lots of traffic - the kids are using it to wash hands before dinner, go potty when we're downstairs and I use it as a sanity closet when I'm desperate, only because the coat closet isn't equipped with a lock. ;) I wanted it to pack a punch, but also fit in with the rest of our space. My other focus was that it was bright - it's placed at the end of a hall and it's dark. There's almost no natural light (which made taking photos super fun). 
SO, we settled with this amazing peel & stick wallpaper from Walls Need Love - which was actually super easy to apply. I started the project by obsessively matching the lines and then by the end of it, I decided the buildings not lining up would be just fine for the 3 minutes you're in there doing your business (or 28798 if you're a man). I started each piece at the top of the wall, and smoothed it until it hit the chair railing. We had to cut at that point and then repeat below the railing. The hardest parts were around the toilet and the sink, but it's pretty flexible and I ended up peeling, cutting, re-peeling, ect. until it fit well enough to pass the test. It's not perfect, but who has time for perfection, yes? 
 Let me say though - this wall paper is so durable. It's gotten wet, the kids have colored on it, and it has really stood it's ground. It's a really beautiful texture and has not disappointed in the slightest. 

 We switched out the mirror for something a bit more unconventional and it really added a fun flair to the space. The lights were just a basic pick from Home Depot, but fit great for what we need.
WALLPAPER (C/O) // MIRROR (Home Goods - similar here) // LIGHTS // MONKEY PRINT // WHITE & TASSEL BANNER // BLACK & WHITE TOWEL // GOLD HOOK (sold out - similar)
I'm super happy with how the space turned out and enjoy peeing so much more now ;) 
Hope you love it, too! 

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natasha {schue love} said...

SO cute! Love how it turned out...that wallpaper is the showstopper!

Brooke Raymond said...

So, I've been eyeing this peel and stick wallpaper for awhile now, but we have textured walls so I was afraid it wouldn't stick... Thoughts?

Kendra Henderson said...

We have textured walls also and it wasn't even an issue! It's pretty forgiving, but it probably does depend on the pattern a bit :)

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