Monday, February 27, 2017

Awhile back, I shared some of my favorite "Mom-Hacks" - short cuts I take as a mom that are super helpful. I'm sharing a few more today - and am always on the hunt for more if you have them!

 SOCK BASKET: We keep a basket of socks near the front door (alongside our basket for shoes - we're a no shoe household, because eww). This way, when the kids are all ready to walk out the door and nobody has socks OR shoes on, it's all in once place. I ran up the stairs for socks way too many times, so we decided to solve the problem. I keep a couple pairs for everyone and if they get used (which they often do), I just throw a couple pairs downstairs when I'm folding clothes).

LITTLE POPPY BOW SUBSCRIPTION: I'll admit to the fact that I'm not the best girl mom. Accessories feel like one more thing to me and picking out a matching hair bow or even putting a bow in the girls' hair is last on my priority list. Bellamy (who has deemed herself "Bellamy Fashion") is ALL about accessories and has forced me to step my game up. I signed up for Little Poppy last summer and am still going strong. They ship you three seasonal bows every month for only $12 (clips or headbands - you pick) and it keeps our bows fresh, lets me skip the task of ordering new bows online and the girls are always excited to see their new accessories. It's a win-win. Sign up here!

CUPCAKE LINER: You've probably seen this one, but we use it all the time. Slide a cupcake liner underneath a Popsicle (just poke the stick through) and hands will stay much cleaner during dessert. Baylor hates having messy hands and will stop eating if he gets sticky, so this is a game changer for him. 

STAIR BASKET: I bought a large basket at target (like this) and keep it on our bottom stair landing There's a million toys, clothes, hair clips and random trinkets that make their way downstairs throughout the day, and this basket serves as the vehicle to take them all back to their homes. We empty it/ sort it every night or every other night before bed (whenever it's full) and then drop it back downstairs. It saves me trips up the stairs (life goal) and keeps everything looking tidy.

HAVE YOU FILLED A BUCKET TODAY?: This one is a little less concrete, but it has really changed our kid's perspective. If you don't own this book, first off, you MUST. It encourages positive behavior by using the concept of an invisible bucket to show kids how easy and rewarding it is to express kindness, appreciation and love by "filling buckets." You'll often hear Bellamy tell Baylor that he's "dipping into [her] bucket" if he takes a toy or locks her in her room (this one is a real problem around here). The kids will do something nice for us and then ask if our "bucket" is full. It's definitely a worthy addition and has taught our kids valuable lessons.

What are some of your favorite "mom-hacks"? We're always looking for ways to streamline around here, especially with another addition in just a few months!!

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