Easter Baskets

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Easter is quickly approaching and the bunny is heavily relying on Amazon Prime this year (and who am I kidding... every other year!) Everyone has different philosophies for Easter, and ours tends to be rather random. Some of my favorite ideas I've heard are a summer themed basket (swimsuits, sandals, towels, ect), a basket of new books, and even an Arts & Crafts themed basket. I'm far too indecisiveness and not nearly enough of a Type A for those sorts of things, so my kids get all the random things I've been wanting to buy them since Christmas ;) 

A few new books, some spring accessories and of course a few toys to keep everyone entertained :) 
Last year, we did these amazing baskets, and I think we'll probably re-use them this year!  And if you're looking for a fun Easter activity for the kids, we also did these last year and it was a TOTAL hit. I'm talking surprised shrieks and jumping up & down - the whole nine yards!

I'm still working on Easter outfits - while I'd love to do springy dresses and sweet Mary Janes, the weather here is calling for sweaters and rainboots... so I'm improvising. 

Hope you're having a week full of spring things! We are back to school & routines after spring break and it's as rough as it sounds :) However, I did power down some cookie dough on the way to school drop off this morning, so there's always a silver lining.

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