Weekend in Seabrook

Monday, May 15, 2017

Happy Monday! We spent Mother's Day weekend in the sweetest coastal town called Seabrook, just about 2 hours from where we live, and it was perfect in all the right ways! We rented a super cozy, coastal style home (Moon Dance for those of you who are local) and were able to walk to literally everything. The kids had the best time exploring the beach, flying kites with nana, visiting the most adorable boutiques and of course getting their daily servings of ice cream & candy. Baylor had tears in his eyes when we left and said he'd like to move to Seabrook for 100 weeks. ;)

Every storefront & house in Seabrook is incredibly charming. Sweet Life was our most favorite - filled with vintage candy, cute little toys (we came home with some Maileg mice) and the most delicious local ice cream. 
If you're local to the Seattle area, you really have to take a weekend trip to Seabrook. I'm not normally one for Washington beaches (notoriously cold, windy & rocky), but this one is special!

We're jumping back into our routine today, but can feel summer slowly creeping in around here. School is starting to wind down, we have sun (!!) in the forecast, and we're working on lots of projects before summer (& baby #4!) arrives!

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