Easter Baskets

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Every year, we pick up different "easter baskets" (see here & here) for the kids, because I just can't resist the chance to buy another basket. It's just one of my favorite things. Well this year, I discovered these amazing canvas bins by Pehr and I knew immediately that we had to have them for our Easter baskets. Our friends at Pehr so generously sent a few our way and I'm totally obsessed with them.  

I printed these tags with the kids names and think they'll be perfect little easter keepsakes for their baby books :) The stickers are from Peek last year.

I typically find one or two bigger items to put in baskets and the rest is little tokens & of course candy. Baylor is getting a baseball glove & a book, but has a legit gum obsession so his eggs have gum balls in them - which will easily be his favorite part! I found this adorable BlaBla bunny for Bellamy, and for Winnie, it's books & diapers. Because what more could a baby need? (#boobs) Also, notice the tooth brushes... that's an ode to my ultra-clean husband who moonlights as a dentist. ;) 

What's in your Easter baskets? I still have time to add a few things, so if you have any great suggestions, share them in the comments. XO

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