Wednesday, October 2, 2013

I mentioned a bit about this in my last post, but 12-15 months is really nothing short of amazing. It only continues to get better and some days, I honestly think to myself ... this is just too good to be true. It's like thinking today is the best day ever and then tomorrow being even better. Now of course, there's always rough days where I want to run and hide in the closet and let the little sucker fend for himself for 15 minutes (good luck, you crazy animal!), but really those moments fade from memory when the good days are this good.

We had the AMAZING Stacy Jacobsen come take Baylor's one year photos (that actually happened closer to 14 mo.), and she once again worked her magic. These images really capture Baylor's excitable, loud, yet sweet personality. He is all BOY. My goal with baby/family photos is to be as natural as possible, no fancy hair or makeup, coordinated outifits, ect. I want them to really resemble us in our daily lives & who we are. I think this makes photos so much better to look back on without cringing or saying "what was i thinking?!", not to mention they always feel so special as it's sort of a peek into our personal lives as a family of 3.

I am so blessed by my little family!!

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cat said...

Your little boy is absolutely adorable and these photos are just perfect. I recently found your Instagram feed and now your blog. Your products are amazing!

paige said...

what a precious family & super cute photos of baylor!!

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