the pumpkin patch!

Friday, October 4, 2013

While Collin was busy getting his knee operated on this week (a torn meniscus - so lame!), Baylor and I met up with our bffs and headed to the pumpkin patch... in the pouring rain. But really, what else do you expect in October in Seattle and what else would you want? I would cry if I had to go to the patch in shorts & a tank. Bring on the rain boots, the jackets & the beanies - it just feels right!

Baylor & Grif are only a year apart and getting to be so fun together. Favorite activities include feeding eachother and copying everything eachother does. And notice below how Baylor is keeping a healthy distance from the turkey - he wasn't quite sure what to do when it gobbled at him. 

This child is ALL boy. I bought rain boots for him due to his fascination (read: obsession) with mud and dirt. So sitting in a mud puddle didn't faze him or his heavy brown diaper (not poopy, you sicko).  

Most photos lately turn out somewhat similar to this - baylor trying to escape my death grip and being so annoyed that I want a photo. I mean, how unrealistic of me! He has places to be and mud to soak in. I'm sure he's thinking "get over you & your selfies, mom! there's more to life than instagram!"

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