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Thursday, April 10, 2014

Hope your week is carrying along just fine! We're getting ready to head out of town for the weekend for a little family getaway, complete with bonfires, beach combing, wind blown hair & sandy shoes. And yes, getting ready now, because leaving the house with two under two is a task within itself. Bring out the suitcases - we're about to get crazy! Collin is meeting us there a little later than we're arriving, so I'm mentally preparing for a road trip with my minions - SOLO. Bb isn't much of a TV watcher (our choice, not his :), so I'm mentally preparing for lots of kids music + gibberish conversation, because after all, that's the stuff dreams are made of. I sometimes think how convenient it would be to have one of those taxi divider walls in my car - I mean think of how peaceful an otherwise rowdy car ride could be! In all reality though, I just plan on bringing some good tunes, some snacks and my game face. WOOF!

I've been busy busy over here working long days trying to stay caught up with orders and the like. I tend to work while the kids nap and then stay up until the wee hours to get it all done. While it can be exhausting at times, working from home & owning my own business is one of my biggest blessings & proudest accomplishments. There are days where I'd love to just lounge on the sofa and zone out during nap time, but it never ends up being worth it. (don't get me wrong - I take a break when I need it). I find so much encouragement, direction and drive when working, that it really acts as my energy for what's to come. I only work off the desktop computer, which is my way of not letting work consume me. If I had a laptop, I fear I'd have it open all day instead of focusing on the kids when they're awake. My goal as a mama is to always be present for my babies - I want them to know that they are my first priority (along with their handsome dada!).


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