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Monday, May 12, 2014

Since we're all so close around here, we can be honest. poop, pee & barf really don't phase me all that much (unless it's real barf and then I'm done)...but the smell of poopy diapers in the nursery is nothing short of disgusting. the diaper genie is not that much of a genie, if you ask me. i mean it's great in that it disguises the smell more than a normal trash can might, but my children's poop doesn't smell like roses, believeyoume, and that smell seeps through plastic like a rouge heatwave. 
Having said all that, I've found the perfect solution. Lauren from Antica Farmacista reached out asking to me a while back asking if I'd be interested in trying out their new "BABY" diffuser. You guys ...  I'm super picky about smells and roam the candle section in Anthropologie for far longer than necessary in search for the perfect smell. Let me tell you ... this is DIVINE. It's not too strong for the nursery but has just enough of a sweet smell to make a difference. I literally want to dump the bottle all ova my body. (too far?) Even Collin noticed how nice Bellamy's room smells - and he's requested that I order another for Baylor's room - because, well, he's already a stinky boy! But, I will always relate this smell to Bellamy's sweet little baby days, which is just so sentimental in itself. 

I'll be sharing Bellamy's nursery this week so come back and check it out! Excited for you guys to see it! 


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