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Tuesday, August 12, 2014

happy HUMP day! We are headed to California tomorrow for a long weekend vacation, so, naturally, I'm in packing mode (or as most mom's call it - HELL - ) I've been thinking about packing for days, and then tomorrow, will end up shoving everything in a suitcase because ... priorities, people.

Baylor has been on an airplane a handful of times and Bellamy will take her inaugural trip in the blue skies. As long as I have a boob handy, she should be a happy camper. (TMI? sorry, not sorry). As for Baylor, he'll most likely be a nervous mess initially, but will simmer right down once we bust out some of our travel tricks on him (check them out!)
I'm looking forward to some beach hang outs, a little lot of in-n-out burger, and some good ol' fashion quality time with my fam. Can't wait. (side note: quality time is my #1 love language ... if you haven't  taken the test, I highly recommend it - such a great piece of information for your marriage/relationship). #rabbithole

When we get back home, it's virtually going to be fall, and I have so many fun things in store that I can hardly wait to share. In the meantime, check out our Etsy shop as I've listed quite a few new products in there! And if there's something you see, go ahead... buy it! In fact, I have a little coupon code exclusively for you, my blog readers!! Enter code "BLOG20" for 20% off your entire order until Monday!! XO.

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