Wednesday, October 1, 2014

we're feeling pretty freakin' festive over here (it is October, don't you know!) and with all this good favor going around, I figured it was just the right time for a giveaway. I'm keeping it simple and all you have to do is enter via Instagram, because I'm so very guilty of not entering giveaways if I have to repost the image or if I have to go to the blog, enter, then go back to instagram yadda yadda yadda. I mean who really has time for that between diaper changes, laundry, real housewives, eating peppermint icecream out of the container when the kids go down for naps (one cheer for peppermint icecream being in stores, two cheers for binge eating when your kids are sleeping so you don't have to share) and  costco runs for everything that life demands. BUT, I will share with you here what we're giving away dare you're so inclined to go enter on our instagram. (did someone say DARE?...) 

The incredibly talented Jessica from Little Baby Garvin is giving away one of her perfectly crafted chalkboard prints, HEN & CO. is sending the lucky winner TWO halloween onesies, Amber of Charlie Coco's is kind enough to give away her darling orange polka dot headband (are you kidding me with the cuteness!?) and last but not least, we have a pair of Freshly Picked Moccasins up for grab - you choose the size & color! Tell me that's not fun. So, go do your little halloween dance, enter the giveaway and pray that you win! (Jesus answers prayers big + small!) 

Good Luck! 

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