halloween shenanigans

Friday, October 24, 2014

It's FRIDAY! FRIDAY! we've had quite a busy week around here, squeezing in all the festiveness we could possibly find. We've cobwebbed everything in the house, painted pumpkins until there was no orange in sight (a practice in letting-go for this mama - because don't you know, painted pumpkins are not pretty), taken lots of cozy walks & playdates outside, and have put our costumes on so many times, we're quicker than a fireman when the bell rings. I'm trying to squeeze every ounce of celebration possible before the holiday is up and Baylor is thrilled every bit as much as I am. Baby sis, on the other hand, isn't sure about all the shenanigans, but as long as she can dance & wave, she's along for the ride (girlfriend got daddy's rhythm, lucky for her, because nobody should have to suck at dancing quite like I do). 

ps...have you guys seen our little halloween goodies on Glitter Guide? Go download this free printable and do a fun little project with the babes! Baylor loved how the paint tickled his feet and stares at his little footprints all the time - he's so amazed that he has footprints! 

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