the heart of the matter

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

well, my friends, we are in the thick of it. the nitty gritty of raising kids, the heart of the matter, the meat & potatoes, nuts & bolts. Collin and I agreed, just a few weeks ago, that you know you are a legit "parent" when your kids are having other kids over for sleepovers. Say WHAAA? I'm not only responsible for my own child, but yours too?! Are you sure?!

Baylor turned two in June and every day since has been new & exciting. It's almost as though a switch flipped overnight and he has learned to talk, count, sing songs, and he's so close to being a real person that it's almost surreal. For some reason, when your kids start becoming real people with independent thoughts, and expressing things (emotions)- a word i need to become re-acquainted with, often) like sarcasm, it doesn't feel real ... why is that? How does he know how to roll his eyes and know that it's funny? or pretend your sleeping for a reaction? or my new favorite, request that we have a "DANTH PARTY" every night after dinner. who are you & what have you done with my infant? the one that needed me for everything and only knew that the world consisted of baby food, mama's milk, and fleecy jammies with santa clauses on them? oh, this parenting thing is surely bittersweet. While Baylor's age right now is my absolute favorite (because every age is my favorite), I certainly can't help but look back at photos and reminisce about his sweet little chubby face and smily little grin when he'd lay in his crib after a nap, just waiting for someone to come in and give him a little love. I know, for certain, that I'm rambling, but I just felt it was necessary to write it out. To say. I love my little bubba and wouldn't trade today for yesterday in a heartbeat, but sure do cherish those memories. Baylor Boone - please stay two forever? please? 

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Anonymous said...

he's so cute!

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