Costume Round-Up

Monday, October 20, 2014

There are a billion costume ideas out there, and chances are, you've either got an Elsa or an Ironman on your hands if your kids are old enough to have a preference. If they're young enough, like mine, to not know any better, you still hold the torch when it comes to picking a costume. Best part is? They can be easily persuaded with the likes of a candy corn or an m&m (it only takes one!) So I've done a quick little roundup of some of my favorite costumes. I stuck to the basics (target, carters, and pottery barn kids), in case you're a perpetual procrastinator, a halloween grinch, or just really freaking busy (join the club, mama!) And even better yet? These are all on SALE! The tortoise wins the race? 

Baylor & Bellamy will be donning two of these (you'll have to wait to see which ones) and it's taking every ounce of my self control not to put them on them every morning. It's practically Halloween already, right? 
you guys...the pizza is hilarious and Baylor makes me try it on every time we go to Target. I really tried convince him to be a slice of pizza (the kid LOVES to eat, his spirit animal probably is a slice of pizza), but I lost the battle. #thewarisnotoverrow one: pottery barn kids // row two: carters // row three: target

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