Easter Art Print // FREEBIE!

Monday, March 23, 2015

While I love to decorate, I'm very picky about seasonal decor. Let me preface .... Christmas -- all bets are off and I'll go from zero to Clark Griswold before you can say HoHoHo! BUT, the rest of the time, I find it difficult to live with faux bunnies and pastels or turkeys and cornucopias. Fourth of July - it's AMURICA - that's totes ok. And Halloween, well, I make an exception cause I'm so ready for fall that I'll do anything to usher her in in style. 

All this to say, our easter decor is very limited. I did, however, make a little easter print that I'd love to share with ya'll! Download below to spruce up your kitchen or living room, and remember why we celebrate easter! Bunnies & chocolate are great, and I love me a good dyed easter egg, but we have a loving God that sent his son to die for our sins and He conquered death and rose again. A promise of what is to come for us and a testament of our all-powerful Creator! 

I hope you enjoy - tag us @HENANDCO or #henandco on Instagram so I can see what you've done with your print! Happy Monday peeps! #ilovepunnies

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