Full Circle Moments

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Growing up, my dad would always buy chicks for us before Easter - many a' years, he'd come home from the feed store with a chirping box and inside would be fresh baby chicks, maybe a day or two old. The novelty never wore off and their teeny tiny little feathers in his large worked hand is still, to this day, vivid in my mind. His love for animals was deep and wide. Animals were one of his passions and he always had a way of bringing that into our home - we had horses, goats, turkeys, rabbits, chickens, cats & dogs growing up, among many other not so popular choices (rats & guinea pigs). We lost my dad unexpectedly, three years ago today, just three short months before my baby boy was born. I just desperately wish he could've met Baylor - what I'd give to watch my dad hold my first child. I do know this will happen one day, as we all have the promise of eternal life. While it doesn't get easier and some days really feel empty, the longer time passes, the more I learn to cope. Whether it's through music (he loved to listen to blue grass & jazz) or just through his memories, I'm finding ways to remember the good and embrace the sad,
in unison and with intention. 

The kids are finally at an age where I can begin to pass along traditions. So this year, I brought home baby chicks for my own kids. It felt like a right of passage and a passing of the torch, all in one. The smell of the wood shavings and chick feed brought me right back to my child hood, sitting on the cold cement floor of the garage, holding our own sweet baby chickies. The novelty still hadn't worn, the anticipation still just as robust as when I was 7 myself. It's hard to say what life will bring your way, but in those moments where it comes full circle, the only thing I know how to do is send a prayer to heaven and give thanks for the gifts in my life. These moments are fleeting and to share these special traditions and memories with a family of my own feels right - it feels like healing. We're learning to live over here, taking the good and the hard in stride. 

Rest In Peace, sweet Daddy. I love you and can't wait to dance with you in heaven again. "I'm gonna love you forever." 

Baylor & Nana affectionately named all the chicks: Buckwheat (the yellow), Albert (b&w), Sara, & Minnie. I'd say the did a hell of a job. Happy Hump Day! Go kiss your babies & call your parents - tell em' you love em'! 

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Patrcia D said...

This is really sweet! What a great way to remember your dad....side note, what do you do with the chicks when they grow up? Keep them in your backyard?

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