Friday, March 27, 2015

We're in a little bit of a sweet spot over here, which doesn't happen all that often. Because, well, child rearing. Let's be honest, raising kids is a constant game of catch up, what's next and OMG! BUT, this week was nothing short of sweet. The kids have been napping for 3-4 hour stretches IN UNISON each afternoon (can I get an AMEN!) and the amount of time outs we've had can easily be counted on one hand. We've had some cozy days at home and some sunny, beautiful weather that allows us to get our wiggles out. #fistpump

Since it's FRIDAY (!!) and I have all sorts of random floating through my head at any given moment, I've decided I'll share a little "Five on Friday". enjoy muchachos!

1. Martha Stewart Mac & Cheese - You guys...this stuff is amazing and always such a crowd pleaser. Perfect for a weeknight (fairly simple to throw together) or great for entertaining large crowds! Here's the recipe

2. These two happy campers - The sweetness just oozes these days and if they're not right next to each other, then they're looking for each other. I feel like a seriously lucky mama and love the 18 month age gap. SO fun! 

3. Anthro Volcano Diffusers - I've professed my love for volcano candles once or twice around here ;), but recently discovered that they've come out with a Diffuser in the same scent! While I don't always love the look of diffusers, this one is not offensive at all and the smell is so delicious that I can overlook those sticks. Because sometimes a candle with little fingers snooping around can get a little risky business.

4. Talenti Mediterranean Mint Gelato - i'm obsessed and eat this every day. Not sure if that's something I ought to be proud of, or reason for intervention. You decide & let me know. 

5. Confetti Cake - we're on a Confetti Cake kick (say that 10 times fast!) over here and nobody has raised their hand in objection. #treatyoself

Have a great weekend! 

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