Weekend Update + a SALE!

Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Happy Tuesday! We're getting ready to have our friends over for an Easter party - you can't go wrong dying eggs with three toddlers, right?

Those who know me well, know that I have a mad crush on Jimmy Fallon, so last night, in his honor, I made Jimmy Fallon's Slow Cooker Chili - hello, delicious! You guys, it was GOOD! A definite re-run. We used ground turkey instead, and it was totally fine.

Our weekend was slow, but full of sweet memories as we busted out the chalk for the first time this year and had a perfectly lazy Saturday. 

We also dyed easter eggs with Nana and holy moly (it is holy week, after all), that is a MESS. Baylor came out of the project looking like he bathes in black ink and I'm still fanning out the hard boiled egg scent from my kitchen (just in time for the next round). Just another day in paradise. 

I'm working on clearing our shop to launch our new spring/summer collection -- almost all of our onesies/tees are marked down to $14 until Friday, and then they're gone for GOOD! SO... go get your shop on and let me know if there's anything you're dying to see next from Hen & Co. (We've got some great surprises up our sleeve!)

We'll be back this week with another "House to Home" post and some fun Easter basket ideas for those of you who procrastinate are SO busy like muah ;) ! xxoo 

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Melissa said...

what can go wrong dying eggs with toddlers?1?1?!? ;)

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