Guilty Pleasures

Monday, March 2, 2015

I think it's important as a mama to have something for ourselves, that lets us escape from motherhood for a couple hours... Sort of like an ode to our passionate teenage years and wild college years (neither of which I was...wommmp wommmp). A guilty pleasure if you will... 

I wanted to share a few of my guilty pleasures with you, in hopes that we can relate, maybe talk a little tv drama and shoot...i don't know...maybe live tweet together during the bachelor...I mean is that too much to ask!?! 

I, myself, have multiple vices that I have attached myself to. Things that I do or watch when the kids are asleep or when Collin travels... (he's gone 1-2 nights a week, so girlfriend has to stay sane somehow!)

First up...The Real Housewives. I mean, how could you not? And if you're not on board here, then you may want to just close this tab and come back tomorrow...cauuuseee it's about to go down
First off, Yolanda is my favorite - because her lemon situation and that amazing home? she's unreal!

I love RHOBH and OC, but jersey is probably my FAV. Can I please be BFFs with Rosie?! Anyone?! In the same topic...Vanderpump Rules. It's sort of like a train wreck... I want to look away so bad because TRASH! but man, it sucks me in every week. Jax is so shady. 

Second favorite? (these are in no particular order...because how is one to chose?!)
TALENTI Gelato - Mediterranean Mint. If you follow me on Instagram (@henandco), you know that I have an unhealthy strong obsession with icecream. I truly do bring a bowl of ice cream or a milkshake to bed every single night. It's just my thing. Some would say a guilty pleasure...I just say pleasure ;) Also, Ben & Jerry's Half Baked. #alwaysandforeveramen

sundae print 
And my third and final guilty pleasure? The BACHELOR. Prince Farming is not my all time fav (heyyyy sean!), but I do love some good ol' corn fed boys on a Monday night. Kaitlin was my first choice, but since that's ruined, I would really love to see Becca win. I've gotten Collin to watch this one with me, but sometimes he has to turn away in horror of the impending awkwardness. 

A few other notable mentions & favorites: instagram, ed sheeran, chipotle burritos, nashville (deacon claiborne?! yes, please.), online shopping and whipped cream on my morning coffee (this is an everday staple, nothing guilty about it). 

 What are YOUR guilty pleasures? I need some suggestions for Spring! 

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Melissa said...

OK...First, the new look is A++++ LOVE IT!

And then, lets not forget chocolate. Like on everything. Morning Mocha, Chocolate pretzels as my hide my face from Mady while I shove them in snack then those damn TJ's chocolate croissants you introduced me to. CAN.NOT.STOP.

LaurenK said...

Kendra! Loving the new look of Hen & Co, so chic! Keep up the posting, I love reading!! -Lauren

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