Weekend Update

Monday, March 9, 2015

Our weekend couldn't have started off better you guys.... I've hired a house cleaner. Best move I've made in years (aside from my children - but honestly, a close running ;) There's nothing like going into the weekend with shiny floors, lemony fresh scents from all the bathrooms and vacuum lines (mama's love language!). Baylor even walked in the house on Friday afternoon and immediately said "wow mama, looks so CWEAN!" #fistpump

We spent Saturday having breakfast with family, doing a little coffee date with friends and finished off the afternoon with naps and dinner at the in-laws. The weather here has been unmatched so we've been outside non-stop. The kids are like zombies at the end of the day and smell of fresh air and pine trees. Just how I like them.

Sunday, we went to church (read: hung out in the mothers room and basketball court for an hour because my kids have separation anxiety), played outside (MORE!) and had a little BBQ to seal off the weekend. Baylor was so tired at one point that I offered to walk to starbucks and play at the park and he said "no mama - stay home, sit wight hewe" ... I know we've exhausted him when he turns down vanilla milk!

Bellamy's attitude personality is really developing (sass and  for days), so every day has it's own little challenges ... like how the hell do you discipline a wild one year old who has an affinity for throwing food on the floor (especially my clean floor - you want to see me go 0-60 in no time flat? mess up my clean floors!)

Hope your weekend was perfect, whether snowy or sunny! Happy Monday! 

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natasha {schue love} said...

We recently hired a house cleaner and it has been a total game changer!! Totally worth every penny. xx

jillian at faith that laughs. said...

LOVE the new blog design!! Oxox

Patricia D said...

Our baby girls are the same age. Vivienne is getting TONS of attitude too, it's fun. I heard in regards to the food throwing, you just take the food away with NO reaction (which is hard) because they want the reaction. They will just stop doing it if they don't get a big response.

Kendra Henderson said...

Great idea! THANKS!

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