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Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Have you guys been to Target lately?! Their easter stuff is great this year (that little porcelain bunny with the gold ears! cayooote!) but I especially love that they're getting a little bit craftier on us. I found this paper garland in the home section and instantly knew I had the perfect home for it, dangling over a chalkboard in our entry way (which I found at Home Goods a bazillion years ago). 

Fun, right?! For $16 dollars! #winning

We (as in I, because baking with kids is never as fun as it sounds #realtalk) baked a cake this week and it has served as festive and delicious dessert (or breakfast if you're the mom and make the rules) after every meal and my kids have learned in just two short days that cake is served after every meal. Bellamy finishes her lunch (tunafish sandwiches yesterday) and points and whines at the cake stand until she is served. I mean, I can't blame a girl, but easy tiger! mama is going to start hiding the cake. what kind you ask? the only kind worth making ... funfetti. #foreverandalways #tilldeathdousparty #seewhatididthere 

cake stand via Target at Valentine's Day

On another note... I'm on the hunt for some cute Easter outfits for the littles. Last Easter was the first official time we dressed Bellamy up and man, the memories overfloweth. She was just such a little peanut. Cue mom tears... what happened to my small children who sat for photos?

I've got plans to go shopping later in the week and will be sure to report my findings ... my threenager is a giant and my one year old has a giant attitude. #99problemsbutabitchaintone #hitme

Happy Hump Day! My apologies for the gross amount of hashtags used in this post. I hope you'll return. If you can't handle it, feel free to curse me out in the comments. 

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