DIY Succulent Planters

Thursday, July 23, 2015

K guys ... this is really about as DIY as it gets over here. I'm more of a #DIFM (do it for me) type of gal, but I can't resist a good arts & crafts sesh every once in awhile. Plus, the littles love it. What can I say, I'm a charitable lady - I'm doing it for the kids ;)

This is about as simple as they come - here's what you need: 

+ terracotta pots from home depot (ours were under $5 each)
+ acrylic paints & paint brushes (sponge brushes work great, as well as regular paint brushes)
+ cactus & succulent potting soil
+ succulents or cacti of your choice (cacti always makes me feel so grammatically appropriate)

So here's the scoop - I am a total control freak, so I pick 3-5 colors that the kids can paint with and then let them go hog-wild. Usually it turns into a grayish-brown because they're 1 & 3, but at least the pots all look consistent (i.e. presentable). 
My goal in doing these was to be able to use them around the house and while I love primary colors #wink, I don't want to look at them on my mantle. 

As soon as the pots are dry (this takes hardly any time at all), fill them with soil & succulents & just like that, you're done! The kids are always so proud to see their artistic works displayed in the house, so it's a win-win for all parties.

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Brigette Dittmer said...

This is such a cute craft! Would you mind sharing where you got your kitchen table from?

Kendra Henderson said...

Thank you! We actually got it from a second hand store & had it repainted! :) I know that's not much help ... sorry!

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