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Tuesday, July 21, 2015

We've been up to a whole lot over here and life seems to be moving at warp speed. 

Just under 4 months until baby girl arrives and I'm certain it will be Halloween before I can say BOO! (which, by the way, I'm SO excited for ... summer, you can go now!) We have been sorting baby boxes, moving things upstairs and downstairs and my nesting is a little bit out of control. Collin has been busy doing the heavy lifting while I do the delegating. I'm normally a "see it, do it" type of girl and can #getshitdone, but the fear of putting myself into early labor or going on bed rest has me asking for help way more than I have in the past. Let's be honest, we'd all die if I had to go on bed rest. 

We've had a couple weddings in the past few weeks, one of which the kids were in as flower girl & her usher. Bellamy blew kisses to everyone down the aisle, while Baylor ran. I can't blame him though, as I had a lollipop waiting for him when he was done. My niece got married the following weekend, and the kids showed off their mad dancing skills. #proudmama 

The weather has been fantastic, and we've spent countless hours in the pool out back, lounging on the patio or walking around the neighborhood. We're walking distance to Starbucks & Froyo, which has been awesome for my pregnancy weight gain. Did I mention that I wear the same thing every day because it's too damn hot to wear all of my existing maternity clothes? Pants are SO not an option at this point. No guarantees that my neighbors haven't seen more than they bargained for. 

things we're looking forward to: starting on baby girls nursery, taylor swift concert (collin is a superfan and totes not ashamed - love him for that), a girls date this week, complete with pedicures & shopping, our 5 year anniversary, and the start of college football!! 

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