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Friday, July 10, 2015

It's just been a week, let me tell you. One of those weeks where you fall in to bed at night and physically can't move, where every bone in your body is tested and where doritos & donuts are the only things that make you feel good. Glory to GOD that a new week is on it's way, though! 

We did lots of doctor appointments, playdates, and working... lots of timeouts, sharing lessons and snuggling. SO, we're going to round things out with a light-hearted round of FRIDAY FAVORITES! 

// ONE // 
Have you guys tried ELF cosmetics at Target? Maybe I'm totes late to the party, but I'm seriously a fan. I am somewhat of a brand loyalist to Nars, but $3 bronzer? You really can't beat it. And the ELF lipstick is definitely my new favorite. Smells delicious, glides on SO smooth and perfect shades. 
Did I mention it's all SO dirt cheap?! 

// TWO // 
This is probably the only other time you'll hear me talk about hair/beauty stuff, as my time is limited to deal with frivolities of that nature (jk jk, i'd love to be a beauty queen, but my kids have no such patience) ... BUT... this texturizing spray is like perfume, dry shampoo and texture spray all in one. I literally want to spray it all over my body. Smells every bit of perfect and does all the right things to my hair. While it isn't as enticing as the $3 bronzer (because $3!), it is worth every pretty penny.

// THREE // 
I'm sure I've professed my love about this before on Instagram, but Mediterranean Mint is truly the most delicious of all ice creams. I'm not going to go on & on about it (because it's gelato), but just please, do yourself a favor & buy some. 

// FOUR // 
I really have loved every day of our summer! We've set up a bit of an oasis in the backyard and since, have spent SO much time outside. The kids play for hours uninterrupted and it's honestly been so nice to just be home. The weather here has been insanely beautiful and we are soaking in every degree of it. Feeling pretty lucky to spend this time with them, as our last summer with just the 4 of us. We've been eating our meals outside (SO nice to not have to go cinderella on all the floors after every meal), and it's really fun to lounge at the dinner table afterwards while the littles run a-muck outside! 

// FIVE // 
The Bachelorette
You guys... if you don't watch, then you have my permission to skip... but Kaitlin? I really liked you and want to continue to do so, but can you please pull your head out of your ass?! And Shawn... You are such a hunk and so romantic but put your big boy panties on and can we just not talk about 'the other guy' any more?! GET OVER IT, BRO! We all know Nick is a shmuck (albeit him making some reasonable points this season), but can you not let him rain on your parade... please?! Just employ your inner Ryan Gosling and keep puttin' out the vibe, man. 
(honorable mention: Ben H. is a dream boat)

Hope your weekend is lovely ... the kids are in a wedding on Saturday (ohhh my!!) and I know my heart will be bursting when they walk down the aisle together! 

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No Worries said...

This is a gorgeous venue for events. I went here some time back and was impressed the second I stepped through the San Francisco wedding venues door. I'm hoping that I'll get to go back for other events to enjoy great company and beautiful surroundings.

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