Because life is boring when nothing changes // Bellamy's Bedroom

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Well, this is the THIRD post about Bellamy's nursery/room (v1 & v2). Let's just be honest, I'm a compulsive furniture mover & re-decorator. It's how I cope when life feels unorganized and stressful and it allows me to be creative & productive in the same breath. A month ago or so, I got some wind in my shorts (is that even a thing?) and decided that Sis's room was looking a little too dull for my taste. Hindsight - it wasn't dull, I was just having a moment. Either way, I took off all the wall art, moved some furniture, destroyed our guest room (her days are numbered anyways) and voila, sis had a room update! I've accumulated enough shit decor at this point that I really didn't need to buy much, but instead was able to shop the house. I switched out the crib for her original crib and the only thing I purchased for the room was the magenta curtains. Dreamy, right?!!? 

curtains // book basket // light // metal letters //   



LOVE Print

I love the way this turned out and feel like it's the right balance of chic yet sweet. It'll definitely stay this way for at least 6 months ;)

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Elise said...

You're so creative! The room looks great and I love the photo over the crib!

Brigette Dittmer said...

I love the fabric used on the rocking chair-- do you know what it is?

Kendra Henderson said...

Hey! I don't -- we got it a few years ago when Baylor was a newborn - I know the chair is the "Little Castle" brand but not sure what fabric it was.

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