Happy Monday & An Intro!

Monday, October 19, 2015

I figured it was time to do a little introduction again, as it's been awhile since the last and we have lots of new visitors (which I love! Hello to you if you're new! and if you're a 'regular', then thanks for being so loyal!)

are selfie's totally awkward, or what?
I am Kendra - owner & designer of HEN & CO. I started HEN & CO. as a college thesis project and picked it back up when Corporate Burnout became a reality. While I'm a "one-woman" show, I couldn't run my business or family without my husband Collin, who is as good as gold. We have been married just over 5 years and have two littles - Baylor & Bellamy. Baylor is 3 and Bellamy is one and a half. They keep us very busy and we often ask ourselves what we did BK (before kids). Apparently, they don't keep us busy enough, because we're excepting our third babe (another girl!) in November (only 4 weeks left!). So currently, I'm super pregnant, feel like Shamu the Whale and have resorted to stricly wearing yoga pants & ugg boots, because this ish is real. Also, cereal & ice cream for dinner.

Some of our favorite things: College Football, Pizza, Holidays, walking to dinner, date nights & shopping, Entourage, IKEA, Nashville & Friday Night Lights. 

That's the quick & dirty of our current life - life will change all over again very soon, with baby #3, but we live for change, live for the challenge and feel continually blessed for the gifts of our children and our family together! 

I hope you enjoy the blog, visit the shop and follow us along on Instagram @henandco :) 

Hope your week is off to an excellent start! 

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