Pumpkin Painting Party

Friday, October 23, 2015

We hosted a litte Pumpkin Painting party this week with a few of Baylor's girlfriends (because there's a boy shortage around here!) - we let the kids go hog-wild on the pumpkins (and their faces if you're bellamy), they ate spooky snacks and run amok in the playroom for a solid hour. It was the perfect, festive way to spend a morning with friends. I love making these memories for the kids and always feel best at the end of the day when I invest in the kids. 

Target has this HAND MADE MODERN craft brand that is SO great you guys - their paint colors are SPOT on and they have so many fun crafts and supplies. 

Baylor's new favorite thing is having his face painted like a cat or dog. He pretty much asks every day. I obviously oblige. #winning 

There's about a million ideas for Halloween treats & snacks on Pinterest, and honestly, they're all fairly easy! We did PB&J Spider Sandwiches, orange & black grape fruit skewers, mummy pumpkin muffins, ghost pretzel sticks, apple pie caramel apples (a tradition around here), and festive popcorn (always a winner). 

The day after our party, Baylor woke up with tears in his eyes, and naturally, I asked him what the matter was. After a few sniffles, he confessed that he was upset it wasn't Christmas time yet. He's apparently had enough of Halloween and is ready for the next Holiday - a child after my own heart. Because holidays & being festive are WHERE IT'S AT.  :) So, we went to Home Depot and looked at Christmas trees and that filled his void for another couple weeks. Once Nov. 1 hits, shit's about to get crazy. #hohoho

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Melissa said...

Oh Bay! I'm dying. How cute is he? A guy after his mamas heart for sure.

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