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Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Let's be honest... my desire to wear sweats & be comfortable often times trumps that little devil on my shoulder that says "you should get dressed today". While lulu tights & nike sweats are all the rage, I actually do feel better when I get actually get dressed in "real clothes". It feels like an accomplishment (wait to judge me until you have three kids under the age of 4, mk?) and motivates me to go out & do something (the ol' "all dressed up & nowhere to go" problem). BUT, they have to be comfortable, practical (no heels to the grocery store) and nursing friendly ;) Overalls are super cute but I can't get undressed every time Winnie wants to eat. 
 Here's a few of my favorite looks that I'm using as my spring inspiration! 

Cozy crew necks, denim shorts, black pants & tennis shoes. Throw in a wide brim hat for good measure (these are incredibly convenient on bad hair days and make you appear far more stylish than you actually are). Also, black, gray and white make up 95% of my closet, but throwing in a little color for spring is one of my goals. There's something about these pink converse that I really love. 

My favorite places to shop right now are Aritzia, Zara, & Madewell - all great quality and perfect for finding on-trend items! 

All these looks & more are on my 'STYLE' pinterest board! 
Also, her hair on the left is amazing. Sign me up!

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