3 Months Update + Favorites

Monday, February 22, 2016

Winnie is 3 months already which is totally blowing my mind. I honestly feel like we just brought her home yesterday and here she is, acting like a bouncy little baby instead of a meek baby bird (I know, so poetic). 

She's smiling, has giggled on the rare occasion and LOVES to watch B&B run amok around the house. She sleeps from 7-7 with a wakeup around 3 am and is still nursing exclusively. As far as naps go, she'll nap from about 9-11:30 and then again from 1-4. She squeezes in another quite shut-eye around 5:30 for 15 minutes or so. She's such an easy baby (praise Jesus!) and B&B love her to bits.

Since she's not old enough to tell you what she's currently loving, I'll do it for her ;)

1.  Solly Baby Wrap: the perfect throw-in-your-bag piece that is perfect as a wrap, a scarf, or a nursing cover.

2. Woombie: This is an awesome alternative to the velcro swaddles if you have a houdini like we do - these zip & allow for a little movement but are just the right tightness! And they zip, so nobody's escaping.

3. Shusher: Because our kids think we live in a barn, the noise is constant & LOUD. So we do Winnie a little favor by amping up the white noise. This little machine does the job perfectly & on-the-go.

4. Baby Bjorn Bouncer: Despite it's un-assuming look, this has been my number 1 baby item with all three kids. It's petite (folds flat!), super effective and portable. I'd buy it 10 times over again. Definitely worth the price. Winnie sits in this while we eat dinner and we bounce it with our foot while she smiles & coos away.

5. Child Hoods: I'm a sucker for cozy. And these clothes are the epitome. All 3 of the kids have a set and they're easily one of our most worn items. The quality & fit is spot on - another worthy investment. Also, a baby in a hoodie is enough to make me wilt.

6. Aiden & Anais Dream Blanket in Bamboo: This blanket is ridiculous, you guys. Not only does it look amazing, it's incredibly soft & cozy yet breathable. It somehow always ends up on our bed though ;)

Happy Monday - Go get yourself a donut. 

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Erin Obrusniak said...

Where can I find the fuschia unicorn (horse?) that's in the crib with Winnie? It's adorable!

Kendra Henderson said...

It's JellyCat! Found one here: http://www.moderntyke.com/products/jellycat-cordy-roy-pansy-pony-medium?utm_medium=cpc&utm_source=googlepla&variant=1042949639&gclid=CPSvr7PSr8wCFYpufgodtgUMow

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