California + Disneyland!

Sunday, March 13, 2016

Happy Monday! We just got back from a quick trip to California for a wedding & a little stop in at my favorite place on earth ... DISNEYLAND. Magic doesn't even begin to explain Disneyland with kids. BUT, let's get real ... traveling with three kids under 4 is totally crazy. We had lots of help (thanks nana + mimi!), but goodness, it's a lot of work. To top things off, we got home only to be locked out of our house by our construction guys. If there was ever a time to drink... 

The kids did really great on the airplane - we brought lots of snacks, an iPad for shows, and some coloring books! The flight is only a couple hours, so it went quickly! The flight home was a little more wiley, as we sat on the tarmac for almost an hour before taking off (the pilot blamed "LA TRAFFIC" ... no time for jokes here people.) I nursed Winnie pretty much the entire flight because any time I tried to "disconnect" she lost her shit. That was super comfortable. 

We spent the morning at Laguna Beach, and even though it wasn't hot outside, the kids loved playing in the sand and watching the waves. Total "I'm on vacation... I can breath!" moment. 

We didn't last super long at the wedding, because my kids could care less about wedding cakes and best man speeches. We headed back to the hotel early and opted for room service and a movie in bed. Not our worst Saturday night. (My love language is eating in bed... chicken strips to be specific #nowyouknow)

Not even sure what's going on here, but the amount of captions we came up with for this photo... well, there wasn't enough hours in the day. 

We headed to Disney the next morning and it was practically as if Minnie was waiting inside the front gates for us. The kids were blown away at almost everything they saw and it was incredibly magical from the moment we arrived until the moment we left. I love Disney. 

Baylor decided that he wanted to go on the roller coaster in Tune Town (Bellamy was passed out in the stroller like a drunk princess) and we caught the whole thing on my mom's Go-Pro. Priceless memories my friends. Let's just say, he had no idea what he'd signed up for. 

If you have a little one who love princesses, you must visit the Bippity Boppity Boutique in Disneyland. Bellamy wasn't old enough for the entire princess treatment, but she got glitter sprinkled all over her hair and hands (she was thrilled, the stroller, however, still hasn't recovered). The have all the princess dresses and it's such a sweet little shop! 

Baylor was completely smitten with Daisy and didn't want to let her go when our turn was up. I pretty much die every time I look at this photo. 

Winnie's first time in the pool! She loved the warm water and spent her afternoon avoiding the tidal waves set on by her older siblings.

The trip was so much fun (notice I didn't say vacation) but we're happy to be home, causing a ruckus in our own space! 

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Tamura Arthun said...

Blessed to share those memories! Well written!

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