Wednesday, March 2, 2016

The time has come to potty train Bellamy. We've dipped our toes here & there with much success (after the initial fear of falling in the toilet subsided!) and It's really just on me to bite the bullet. You see, potty training requires that I stay home for at least 3 full days and at this point, home is a lot more work than going places. The house looks like a war zone after 3 hours of playing and my patience levels, well, they could use some work at that point. 
In any case, we potty trained Baylor a bit differently (read more about that, here) and as for sis, she's less motivated by progress and more of the instant gratification type. They're personalities are very different, so like everything in parenting, you adapt depending on the kid. 

I put together a little basket full of "potty prizes" for Bellamy, and each time she uses the potty (actually goes, not just sits on it), she gets to pick out a prize from the basket! Once she gets the hang of this, we'll move to the sticker chart like we did for Baylor, but for now, she needs a greater reward to get things moving. (why does everything I say in this post feel like a pun?) 

I'll include the download below, so all you have to do is print, cut it out, hole punch the corners and tie to your basket! Fill with treats, toys, or whatever drives your little one.

Not pictured is a potty prize basket for parents: wine, chocolate, a mild form of cocaine (because coffee is not cutting it), rubber gloves, and bleach (because this shit is MESSY #nopunintended). 

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