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Thursday, April 28, 2016

It's been fairly quiet (that word probably shouldn't even exist in my dictionary, because, toddlers) over here, but somehow, we've still managed to fit a lot in!

Bellamy has been in the thick of potty training and earned a drum for going pee in the toilet. The kids think this toy is the greatest invention ever, and I'm ready to put the drum sticks in the blender. 

Winnie has quickly become a babbling baby and those newborn days are long gone. It's amazing how quickly they grow & change! She says "da-da", loves to eat apples & bananas, and is sitting up on her own now! 

Five Months Old! 

I finally finished Baylor's room and managed to snap a few photos before he piled all of his collectors items back in. His latest bedroom scheme: band-aid art on the wall (which sis interpreted as "it's ok to decorate walls!", which is where the magic erasers entered the scene // R.I.P. crayons).
I also found one of my bracelets, the baby nail clippers, Bellamy's princess wand and a dried out Boogie Wipe all backed in his tin minion's box. Hustle never sleeps.  In any case, I'll share his room on the blog next week - Can't wait for you to see! 

These two are as thick as thieves right now, and are learned that in order to achieve the ultimate deviousness, they must work together. They also play amazing together 90% of the time and I love that they have eachother. 

We've been on a toast kick around here and Avocado toast is always a crowd pleaser. Our favorite "recipe", here

Winnie had her first go on the park swing and she loved every second of it. I loved her whispy old-man hair blowing in the wind, and the fact that her big brother absolutely insisted that he push her. Bellamy would literally swing for hours if I let her, but dear Jesus, why has nobody invented an automatic swing for toddlers. 

We've been house-bound for a couple weeks now, due to Winnie's nap schedule (we're sleep training... #eyeroll) and Bellamy having to go potty at any given second with very little warning (it's getting better, but I refuse to be caught in target with pee under my cart) ... so we've really dove into the arts & crafts scene. Bellamy is all about drawing and she draws these little people everywhere. I might be biased, but homegirl is GOOD! 

We're gearing up for a weekend of sunshine, lounging with each other after missing Dad all week, and hopefully a combo of take-out & ice cream! Hope you're enjoying your week! 


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