Winnie Wilde - 6 Months Old!

Monday, May 23, 2016

Well, it's officially been 6 months since I gave birth to Winnie, which means she practically seems old enough to go to college and time rears it's ugly head, once again. I mean, how do we get to this place, every. single. time?! 

Our sweet Winnie girl is 20 lbs (!), in the 95th percentile for height and weight, and is as busy as they come. She rolls herself to whatever she needs, loves to watch her big brother & sister (albeit feeling like she's constantly in the lion's den) and is incredibly enthusiastic about food of any variety (if you have any doubts, check out her thigh rolls). And those dimples!!!! 

She's eating baby food, yogurt, bananas, and anything else she can get her hands on (including, but not limited to: barbie doll hair, lightning mcqueen, and her personal favorite: Mom's iPhone).  We have done baby-led weening with all of the kids, so we also offer her whatever we're eating at the table in very small bites, as long as she can eat it without choking. She's still nursing, which is going great, with the exception of Winnie treating me as a swim up bar and coming in for a quick drink, and taking off. How obnoxious!! ;)

We're in the middle of sleep training (a mix of cry-it-out and weaning the night feeds) and so far, so good. Baylor's found his way to her room at 3:30 am a few times, in an effort to shush her. :) Thanks, but no thanks, sweet boy! :)

Winnie Wilde: We love you to the moon & back 
- you light up our life and keep every day exciting! 
Now, please, just GTFTS for more than 3 hours. ;)

Happy Monday, friends! 

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