Friday, June 3, 2016

What better way to ring in Friday than National Donut Day?! 
It's like the stars aligned and God said "Treat Yo Self!" ;)

The weather has been totally sad this week and we're ready to kick off the weekend with some 80 degree temps, swimsuits and lots of fruity beverages. We're gearing up for a big birthday party (4!!?) and doing some DIY projects in between. We also plan to hit up the annual neighborhood garage sales... because we clearly don't have enough toys.... 

Let's start off Friday with a few of my current thoughts:

1. I just ordered this swimsuit for sis and I'm SO excited for it to arrive. A big red bow & she's ready for summer! Her latest trick is taking all of her clothes off, so keeping swimsuits on has been a bit of a challenge lately. Praise Jesus for high fences. 

2. Baylor's birthday party is coming up in a few weeks and my latest mental battle is "cotton candy machine or snow-cone machine?" I mean, what's a girl to do?! Sno-Cones are more practical for summer, but cotton candy has such a novelty about it! #firstworldprobz

3. Brows are very important, and I've found an amazing brow pencil that you probably need to have. 

4. Chrissy Teigen's cookbook (which is amazing in and of itself) has a chapter called SH*T ON TOAST, and it might be my third mantra these days. I just have to figure out a substitute to tell the kids what's for dinner, because Baylor saying "shit on toast" isn't high on my list of accomplishments. 

5. This sweatshirt will be my new summer staple. #brunch 
Happy Friday! Enjoy your weekend :) It's SUMMMMMERRRR! 

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