French Dip Sandwiches for Dinner

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Dinner time is always a bit of a doozy in our house - I'm not a meal planner (regrettably, so) and am not a foodie in the slightest. I'll take a bag of cool ranch doritos and a chocolate shake over virtually anything and everything. Collin, however, loves a balanced meal, with each member of the food pyramid accurately represented. If you're present, say "here!" #foodattendance

I enjoy cooking and am constantly bringing new dishes into our rotation, to keep the kids palettes developing and to keep myself from turning into a dorito. We decided to turn up the classic French dip sandwich and it was a hit all around. 

PUGLIESE BREAD // PROVOLONE & SHARP WHITE CHEDDAR CHEESE // CARAMELIZED ONION  // ROAST BEEF // AU JUS SAUCE (you can use the store bought seasoning package or this recipe) // assemble your sandwiches and use a panini press or grill pan to toast them up and get the cheese extra gooey.   Serve up with a rustic salad and salty sweet potato fries.

And for the littles - we just left out the onion. The novelty of the Au Jus dip was just enough to keep the kids excited.

Now, if only I made dinner plans tonight. Thai take-out, please! 

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