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Monday, June 13, 2016

Summer is sort of like my on & off again boyfriend. One day it's here, hot & steamy, and the next day, it's gone -- and everyone is just grumpy and bored. Let's make up our mind, how about it? #kthanks

A little life around here lately:
We had a super HOT weekend a couple weeks ago and turned in to absolute lake-heads.
The kids couldn't get enough of swimming in the lake, we watched two gorgeous sunsets go down, and ate juicy watermelon and chips by the bag. Bed times were two hours late and nobody even cared. Because when it's still 80 degrees at 9:00, you play. :)

Winnie is crawling, which has all of us on high alert. The kids are blown away every time she reaches one of their toys and they're part proud, part horrified. Winnie, however, is saying "payback, bitches" under her breath. ;) Because this is how they treat her ...

Baylor's 4th birthday party was this weekend and we partied so hard. It was a construction truck theme and I have more toy tools and hard-hats than I know what to do with now. More on that later this week! 

Happy Monday! Hope it wasn't too rough :)

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